Carola van Dyke | About
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Carola van Dyke is a Dutch – British designer and follows the principles of Dutch design, with a healthy portion of quirkiness, experimentalism and humour.  Combining things that usually don’t combine at all, Dutch designers are good in using materials that look initially unpromising but in combination give new value. After having lived in the UK for over 20 years, she has managed to keep some of these Dutch design values, but created them into a very British product.

With a background in illustration, fashion design and painting, she wanted to combine paintings and textiles to create pictures, but this had to satisfy her passion for textures, mismatches and the contrasts of colours and layers. It needed to be quirky, intricate, and with a sense of humour. So the process of drawing with scissors started and these hand-cut pieces are mixed like a painter uses its palette.

Now Carola creates flamboyant cushions with an eclectic mix of vintage and modern fabrics.  Exuberant & vibrant in style, using handpicked textiles, they are all individually handmade in Britain. Her designs are eclectic and exuberant in style, using original mixed textiles for her cushions and textile taxidermy. The pieces proudly display the identity and signature of the designer behind the product, adding to the feeling of exclusivity.

The whimsical textile taxidermy pieces are more extravagant in style, and have made a distinctive presence in the interiors world.  Her latest project is the dazzling African collection, a one-of-a-kind art collection, where each piece is truly unique.

Carola works from her studio at the foot of the South Downs. Current bespoke commissions include Liberty London, Anthropologie, ABC Carpet & Home (Cursive), Berdorf Goodman NY. 

Her collection has a universal range of designs and include cushions, fabric printing, textile taxidermy, embroidered rugs, ceramics and poufs.

For more specialised art projects please see